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  Intuitive Guidance                      
“All life is a spiral of change, a constant graceful curve toward purpose.  
There is a definite pattern to it all.  If we’re aware of that pattern, 

and where we are in it, we can identify the best choices 
to sustain us along the way.” Richard Leider

Exploring What Matters to You 

 Change and transition provide a wonderful opportunity for you to expand and explore your vision of your self, your work, and your life.  Although transition can be filled with uncertainty and chaos, it is also an exhilarating time to align your outer life with your inner truth.  Whether you are a high school senior, a mom entering the work force, a new college graduate, or have experienced recent job change or loss, taking the time to truly understand what matters to you is essential. Transition is an opportunity to:

                                        •    explore
                                        •    re-invent yourself
                                        •    re-discover past dreams
                                        •    Uncover old passions
                                        •    discover new talents and abilities
                                        •    recover a previous creative life
                                        •    let go of what you no longer need and have outgrown
                                              and emerge re-defined, with something new.
What are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to move more purposefully into the next chapter of your life?   Once you know what gives you joy and a sense of purpose, your choices are clear.

As a former professor at Wheaton College, Creative Transitions advisor Pamela McIntyre has thirty years experience advising students and others and knows how to help you. She also assists others in transition: college grads, moms re-entering the workforce, career changers, and retirees.   Navigate these times of change and transition by taking the opportunity to reflect on your life:  your true interests, talents, purpose, and the things that matter most to you.   Private sessions and group workshops available.

                                   Finding Your Voice

                                  Changing the Way You Think About
                            Presentation and Communication

ublic Speaking? Giving a Sermon?  Interviewing for a job, internship or college admissions?  Presenting a monologue or a song?

 The key to powerful communication is authenticity, embodiment, and engagement. 

        Authenticity:  that you mean what you are saying, you are sincere and truly
                                  believe your message.
        Embodiment: that you are present, in the moment, expressing yourself through
                                  your entire body.
        Engagement: that you are passionately connecting with both the message and
                                 the audience as you communicate.

Whether you are giving a public presentation, interviewing for a job, playing a part in a play, or singing a song, your power is in your ability to be in the moment, grounded in your body, and committed to communicating your message to others.  Private acting,  public speaking and interviewing  coaching and group workshops available.


        True North Astrology
A Spiritual path to your highest and best self


                           May you realize that the shape of your soul is unique, that you have a special destiny here"
                                                                                                                                                           John O’Donohue

 At some point in our lives, we begin to feel a yearning for something.....more.  We are called to search for meaning in our lives, greater fulfillment, and a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here.

This feeling is particularly present at Quarter-life and Mid-life, often called a "crisis"
but really more of an Awakening, an awareness that your life is no longer aligned with your values and desires.  It is an exciting time, with many opportunities to explore!

Astrology offers a gentle tool for reflection and healing, a clear path to the ease and confidence of authentic knowing and being.  A one time Astrology Reading provides:

     * a blueprint for how to live as our best and  most joyful self.    

     * a soothing validation of our intuitive truth

     * encouragement to move forward through transition and follow our path.

College students, recent graduates, career changers, empty-nesters:  if you are looking for some guidance about the next chapter in your life, this advising system is the most direct method.  As an astrologer, I serve as your advising partner, to guide you through your transitions and help you make more conscious and fulfilling choices in your life.

 Astrology is a symbolic language, an ancient form of expression that promotes healing by helping you know yourself better and providing guidance in your life.  Are you walking the right path?  What are your unique talents and gifts? How can you best live your highest potential?  In one advising session, your astrological chart can reveal this information to you!   Experience astrology as life coach and find the clarity about your self and your choices that you have been missing.

"...a unique, wise and timeless system of thought that can have a profound effect
on the quality, purpose, and meaning of our existence...Astrology is
not fortune-telling or prediction...it is a lens through which a universal knowledge
of life expression can be viewed...a broad map of our soul's journey and indicates
the cycles, patterns, and potentials inherent within us in our present life span...
it is a system by which we see our true self more clearly and is a means that will make
us appreciate, perhaps for the first time, that there is purpose, order, and reason
to our existence in the great scheme of things."

Samuel Weir/Anthony Richardson, www.languageofthestars.com

Private Readings    
$65 an hour, Natal/LifePath Reading
a dollar a minute after.

$40 half hour, LifePath Reading

You MUST provide date, time and place of birth!  Please contact me at pamela@divinemoves.com.




   Celestial Celebrations!        

Gather four or five friends, enjoy a night out, and take a cosmic journey through your astrological chart! Each guest receives a 20 minute reading for $30.    Celebrate your life, your friends, and the exciting changes and opportunities ahead!  A fun party idea for teenagers or college students who are looking for some direction!  Four minimum, eight maximum.

Living As Your Best Self:Finding your Joyful Path Through Astrology     

In this two hour workshop, we will focus on one area of your astrological chart, the North Node of the Moon, the soul’s messenger and greatest signifier of life path.  The North and South node provide information about your journey in this lifetime, the gifts, the lessons, and the challenges you will experience.

By understanding these energies within you, you can make the choice in every moment to live as your best and highest self, to use the gifts that you have been given for your true, divine calling in greatest service to others in this, your “most wild and precious life.”           
For the purpose of this workshop, you will receive a copy of your astrological chart.  You must provide date, time, and place of birth (please email me with this information at Pamela@Divinemoves.com)

Limited to 10 participants. Register at www.franklinyoga.com

Fee:  $45 (includes chart)