Divine Moves
   step into the light

...There is no place where divine light is any more present than where you are.  And there is no one who is any more privileged to radiate that light than you." 
Eric Butterworth


Divine Moves offers several paths to your highest and best life, to the true soul voice of the divine within you
:  Movement, Music and Guided Inquiry. All three  provide spiritual connection, holistic healing, and a sense of coming home to your true self and life.

It is my belief that we are here on this planet to grow and learn, to expand into our highest potential, to know ourselves as divine.  We are here to learn to be kind and open-hearted and nonjudgmental, we are here to learn to love. This is a monumental task.  Because it is about seeing ourselves, all our strengths and weaknesses and deciding that to truly be joyful, we have to change.  We have to allow ourselves to choose peace and tranquility over strife and fretting and control and all of it.  We have to come into spiritual alignment with our best, our highest and true self.  We begin by making the non-reactive, peaceful choices in our homes, with the people we love the most and sometimes hurt the most.  

This is the joyful, holistic healing part of any spiritual practice.  We awaken to our best selves and our commitment to love and kindness when we walk into a movement or yoga or meditation class and simply begin.  It is a practice, to pay attention, to be aware of what is happening in you in every moment, what you are feeling, and then choosing how you want to be in every moment. Who are you and how do you want to be on this planet?  How do you want to experience life during this very short time that we are here? These are questions I am asking myself right now and I invite you to begin your own inquiry, to step into the light of love, of your true self, your highest and most beautiful divinity.