Divine Moves
     step into the light

                              EnChant tm
         meditation and spiritual connection
                     through sound

"In the beginning was the word...."  The repetition of meaningful sound creates a healing, meditative state and guides us to the divine within. Mantras are a form of affirmation, meditation, and prayer.  Through the uplifting vibration and joy of music and mantra, we open to the creative flow of spirit, deepen our connection to our inner truth, and experience the blissful power of chant in community.  

Come home to peace and tranquility on the waves of sound! 
Anyone who has ever listened to, sung or played music, knows that soaring, blissful feeling of being present as sound moves through you.

Through mantra meditation, we will still the mind, soothe the emotions, and ignite a flowing, healing energy within us. The result is focus and clarity, a centered peacefulness, and an uplifted sense of being in the joyful flow of your life. 

Experience the affirmative and loving power of chant in community.  Come into harmony with the Divine!

* Begin with deep breathing and flowing movement to ground the body.  
* Move into easy, repetitive sounds and affirmations that create a
  spiritual connection
* soothe stress and anxiety and open to joy.
* Ending meditation in silence and stillness. 

Through the healing balm of creating sound in community,  come home to 
to the peaceful, centered flow of your life.


Let it Flow!

Opening the Chakras through Sound and Sensation

In this workshop, you will experience the chakras (energy systems in the body) through the sound you create.  Using different tones, we will learn how sound effects different areas of the body, changing and shifting our sensations and emotions.  We will open each energy center through sound, creating healing and flow, and then bring it all together with the Divine Name Chant created by Jonathan Goldman. 

Creating sound is exhilarating, uplifting, and anyone can do it.  You don’t have to be a singer- you are simply creating sound with vowels.  Join me for this beautiful, candlit class and experience energy healing though sound!