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Mantra for Healing and Joy


Nurture your soul through the uplifting and healing power of mantra!

Mantra is a form of meditation that uses sound to center down, tune into an inner stillness, and open to divine wisdom.  It is a kind of inner and outer sound bath, a communion with all the vibrations of the universe!  It is a tool for peace, tranquility, and joy, a spiritual homecoming into oneness with all.

We will begin with pranayama, conscious and intentional breathing, that guides us inward.  Then we will add simple sounds that offer vibrational healing. Repetitive moves may be used at times to more fully embody and connect to the mantra.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of sound, find peace and solace, a sacred time for your own joy and nurturing.

No experience necessary.


Family and Relational Astrology

Parents, your children DO come with a blueprint and I would be happy to share it with you! Astrology is an efficient and revealing system to assist you in knowing who your children are and how to best guide them.  This half hour session will give you a deeper insight into who your children are, their life path, their strengths, their challenges, and how you can support them as they become their best selves.

Half hour Session:  $40 

You MUST provide date, time, and place of birth.  

To schedule an appointment on the 10th, please contact me at If you are not available on the 10th, contact me to schedule an in person or phone 


Weekly Classes

Fridays, 9:30am Divine Moves

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