MOVEMENT- repetition of movement to open creative, healing flow

Divine Moves is dance as a spiritual practice and a path to wellness through energy healing.  This uplifting spirit-body practice restores a connection to joy through simple, flowing moves to beautiful, inspiring music. Combining dance, tai chi, reiki, kundalini yoga, postural alignment and chakra healing, Divine Moves offers a deeper sense of presence and inner awareness.  We come home to our selves. 


Divine Moves roots you into Earth, opens your heart, and awakens the divine within. We connect to the flow of Earth, the flow of Spirit and the beautiful flow of our own hearts.  The theory is if we are grounded, we feel safe, we know where home is.  And if we feel safe, we enthusiastically open ourselves to others and to spirit. 

Through movement, we embody our meditation, creating clarity, focus, centeredness, and joy.  Divine Moves offers peace and serenity, a joyful step into your authentic life! 

Dance Invites an Awakening!

When we dance, we engage the whole body- our feet are firmly planted, the core is strong, the heart is open; the palms of our hands connect to Earth, then our arms float upward to spirit, creating an energy healing flow through the whole body. 


To give a body to spirit.  We step into earth and spirit and experience the body as the vessel in between this beautiful connector between Earth and Spirit.  And in doing so, we find healing.  We return to source and know ourselves for the first time.  We come home.


Inner awareness, presence, increased mindfulness, alignment, natural flow and ease, a return to a centered, grounded place, finding home in the body, creative expression and power, attunement to your inner and divine voice.




Sundays, 5:00pm, beginning November 5 (no class on 11/26)

Franklin Yoga and Wellness

1256 W. Central, Franklin MA


CRADLED IN LIGHT WORKSHOP: Movement, Mantra, Meditation

Nurture your soul and immerse yourself in the affirmative, meditative, and healing power of movement and mantra in community!  Find peace and solace in this noisy world, and a sacred time for your own joy and comfort.  Fee:  $25

Franklin Yoga and Wellness.  Pre-register at www.franklinyoga.com.

"Dance, in all forms, is theology lived." Mark Nepo